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quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009


The present economic situation may not be the right time to scout for a new house to buy but we are compelled to do so as we are requested by my Sister-in-law in Australia to go and see one on going infrastructure of housing project in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. They saw this one on the internet and it caught their interest. They want to know the details of the houses on sale and the requirements for out of the country buyers.

So out we drove to Alabang to this on going housing projects they referred to us. We were assisted by an agent and we were lead to inspect different units. We are truly impressed by the architecture and quality of the construction. Every house has an attractive facade with cute mail boxes not far from the walkway. There is one mailbox that caught my attention. It was a statue of a lady holding the mail box. It is really cute. I learned it was custom made. I thought all the mailboxes are made by the contractor, but they're not. Anyway, the houses are huge and the prices are definitely huge as well. We informed S-i-l of our findings and she backed out. I would do the same thing if I am her. I'd rather look for a more affordable one.

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