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sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010 – Powerful Computer Spy

At this time I want to experience about a computer spy gadget. Sometimes it is difficult to say “no” when our friends want to borrow our laptop. Once it can be frustrating when other people with a laptop, because they do not know what to do with our laptop. Often I share my computer and my laptop with my friends. Also appeals to me often in my desktop or laptop computer was taken, as it is for the private accounts, even my computer uses to access Web pages, the proliferation of malicious spyware and malware. I was disappointed very pleased with this. I give a lesson for the use of his property with unethical behavior.

I started to found a software that will be used to find on my computer spy activities. But he always found a large number of programs that are very expensive, but I am not one of these exceptional performance and satisfaction.

Stealth iBot Computer Spy is a device that a computer monitor all activities, including passwords, chat, photos. In order to monitor their activities, we can use the computer espionage. To monitor all activities on your computer, simply connect to your computer and within 5 seconds after this spy tool to record activities. Without any equipment that can record every keystroke, Web site visited, and screen capture. After turning in 5 seconds to remove the Stealth iBot Computer Spy. In traditional keyloggers, you may need the device to stay connected, but with this spy computer, only 5 seconds to load. In addition, you can up to 1 GB of data and store up to 10000 images.

What can I do with this product:

1. Simply plug it into my computer, only a few seconds
2. Logger software is installed!
3. I let my friends borrow my computer for work and search the Internet, on, of course,
4. When my computer again, Tada! What I have: Private Photos Friendster, Facebook and photos, PayPal) transactions (this unit all spy equipment accurate records of your usernames and passwords, and I have a test to give a lesson to those who are my personal files (Stealth Ribot shows screenshots of all computer activities).

Interesting, why not? Get a powerful tool in with a special offer of less than $ 130!

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